Our Mission

Helping Christians Grow, and Helping to Grow Christians, To Glorify God



We have to be honest about the broken relationship man has with God and find joy in redemption and salvation.


Genuine repentance pleads with the Lord to forgive and deliver from the burden of sin and the fear of judgment and hell.


The basis of fellowship is salvation; the nature of fellowship is togetherness. True Fellowship begins with our desire for unity


Our Core Values

Our core values are at the heart of our congregation because they define who we are, how we serve, what we believe and what we stand for. Our core values define how we act and how you can expect to be treated as part of the Long Lake Church Family. Our core values direct our mission, vision, and
ultimately provide a sound basis on how we make decisions.

a simple place to meet Jesus Christ

Our Leaders

At Long Lake Church we are led by a team we call the committee on Ministry and Oversight, who are responsible for the spiritual welfare and work of the congregation. This group includes our Pastor and other members, often considered Elders.

Christopher Cox

Pastor Christopher, his wife Linnea, and daughter Hanna join the Long Lake family in January of 2016.


Jerry Dennis

(231) 947.6671


Pete Smith

(231) 947.8505


Paul Collins

(231) 640.4618


Jim Besaw

(231) 590.0470

Want to worship with us?

Long Lake Church is special place. In a fast-paced, tell me what I want to hear “Christian” world, we stand out as a simple place to meet Jesus Christ. Our worship services are "blended" in style, incorporating hymns and modern worship music to reach a diverse and eclectic worship community. We gather together as a family, all ages together, in one room hearing the gospel message preached> We learn together and from each other. Our primary focus in worship is on God and His never changing word. We simply believe that the word of God is His inerrant, complete, and perfect message to a broken and hurting world.